Story Boards

TV Advertisement Script for MTS
  1. Ad starts with a college tourist bus and the students dancing with music from a mobile shown high.
  2. The bus is going through a jungle area…
  3. Suddenly some terrorist attacked and hijack the bus.
  4. Everybody is instructed to raise their hands by the terrorists, while one of the student  switched his mobile camera on.
  5. The eyes of the students are closed and they guided into a secret palace. Ans all the way are recorded by the mobile camera.
  6. In an old palace all students allowed to untie their eyes, Which creates a noisy and crowd atmosphere, in the time the boy MMS the movie clip to the police Head quarters.
  7. While watching the MMS the police inspector receives a call from the terrorist demanding ransom.
  8. While he continues to talk over the phone, a special commando goes to the secret palace as per the MMS.
  9. While the celebrations in the terrorist gang take place the commando team reach the destination and attack the terrorists to make the students out…
VO: MTS – beating with your heart
By showing MTS mobile beating as lub dub…

  1. A village kind of area is on fire and burning up.
  2. Visual showing a hand ringing through a PCO to the fire station for help and the fireman doesn't pick up the phone.
  3. Another man is ringing from his mobile; the fireman picks up, answers the call and continues sleeping on the table.
  4. Meanwhile a pair of two, while running with a water bucket is ringing and the camera goes up and showing lot of people is trying to the fire station from their mobile phones as they are working in the rescue operation.
  5. The next shot shows all the phones in the the fire station is full of rings and rings…. the sound continues as Ambulances and Fire engines.
  6. The next frame shows a group of police, fireman and doctors doing the rescue operations.
VO: MTS – beating with your heart
By showing MTS mobile beating as lub dub…

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